Introduction tHome Grown Brands Australia

Aussies are Great inventors, Especially when it comes to water sports….


Where else in the world does such an innovating nation have a back yard to develop every type of water sports equipment in such perfect conditions - all in one area??


This is why GDS Ltd. Are proud to be representing 'Home Grown Brands Australia' (HGBAUS).

The Journey thus far….

It was back in 1982 that Land & Sea Sports was born, the team having noticed a gap in the marketplace for range and innovation.

Up to 20 years ago, body board's were selling for twice the price, then new innovations in the manufacturing process lead to Land & Sea Sports producing the most competitive body board on the worldwide market, both in quality and price.

Then the 1990's saw the first wetsuit with a Lifetime Guarantee. 28 years later this Guarantee still remains within the classic range of wetsuits and many other items within the HGBAUS range.

Colour coded wetsuits was another invention by this fabulous Australian company. Targeted at the charter market and to help holiday makers identify their groups, this is now the benchmark for many major operators on the Great Barrier Reef. It is sure to be replicated in your region once the market sees it and recognises its value for all.

These are just a few of the outstanding firsts for which Home Grown Brands Australia are known. Now this ongoing success story is set to take on the European market. If you feel you have the scope to take  these exciting brands to your region then please look further….

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