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As a passionate scuba diver, you want to explore the wonders of the marine world, to admire its beauty and at the same time to capture every moment. iBubble enables you to do just that. It follows you autonomously and captures your dive in a beautiful professional manner from different angles.

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iBubble is the ultimate luxury water toy.

It follows the divers autonomously by capturing beautiful images: iBubble becomes their personal cameraman during all their dives.

It captures images of the dive site in its entirety, directly from the deck: fauna, flora, wrecks... Your guests can enjoy the depths directly from the comfort of your yacht.

With wide-angle shots, they keep great memories of their trip.

With its ease-of-use and state-of-the-art technology, iBubble bring them closer to the ultimate Yachting experience.

But iBubble is also an essential tool for the crew.

Thanks to its superior and agility, you can check the hull of the Yacht or the position of the anchor without having to dive.

iBubble gives a new meaning to life on a yacht - for you, and for your guests.

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A freediver is always willing to push his or her limits to add beauty and elegance to each performance. Wouldn't be great to be able to film every movement of your dive? iBubble becomes your personal cameraman while you dive. It can follow you autonomously from different angles like spiralling around you, capturing a 360° horizontal view, filming you from above but also from below while you ascend, diving as deep as you...

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Have you ever dreamed of filming your adventures from different angles while remaining alone underwater? You could therefore share your amazing videos of your experiences with your friends and promote your practice, all while remaining respectful of the marine environment.

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Whether you are a scientist, a professional diver or a boat owner. iBubble will help you in your daily work.

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iBubble is an amazing innovation to propose to your clients. Renting it will allow you to generate new revenue while attracting new clients.

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