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We'll bring you the best sound in and out of the marina!

Australia's most comprehensive watersports equipment manufacturer.

Eelsnot coatings are simply unique. Perfect for protection and increased performance for marine, watersports, tools, indeed anything that may come into contact with the elements. 


Better Speed, Less time, Less fuel, less corrosion & eco-friendly.

A flotation device that stores all your essential safety and survival gear.

A unique, brand new product designed for ease of use, to be completely portable & to simply save lives.

Novasail provides instant access to accurate data through reliable displays to give you the best chance of crossing the line first

DOKENSIP is a unique remote system management alarm  that allows the boat owner to monitor many aspects of the vessel's safety and integrity.  

The first autonomous diving drone that follows you and captures beautiful footage, hands-free.


Our product line ranges from hand operated desalinators that can make 6 gallons a day to our largest system that produces 10,000 gallons of fresh, potable water per day. 


Whilst representing your organisation, together we will ensure your success as we develop your business reach Internationally.

More products due to be announced,

check back soon!

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